GSplat - Exception in Firefox - results in unsorted splats


Adding an entity with a GSplatComponent with a PLY asset attached, in a new editor project, throws an exception after moving the camera a bit.

Uncaught DOMException: Worker.postMessage: attempting to access detached ArrayBuffer

The exception seems to happen in the GSplatSorter and disables splat sorting. This also happens in launched projects.

So far it only seems to occur in Firefox (currently using 125.0.1 (Win 64-bit))

Possible fix/workaround might be to check the oldData for byteLength === 0 to not post detached data, but haven’t tested this yet.

Hope that helps,

Editor Screenshot after the exception happened:

yep there is definitely this problem. The issue for tracking: All splat demos fail on FireFox desktop · Issue #5895 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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