Griefing in PlayCanvas

Hi, Id like to mention something about the recent uprise in griefing. It seems to be that more and more people are getting griefed lately, and I wanted to know if there is anything that can be done.

—example image

Also my game, poly bullets, and oofinson all got griefed.

  1. You should only give somebody write or admin access to your project if you trust them. Don’t just add anybody at random (for example, if somebody you don’t know says they want to help you on your project).
  2. You can back up your projects, either using forking or by downloading your project.
  3. Antisocial behavior on PlayCanvas will not be tolerated. If we can verify somebody has abused another community member in some way, we won’t hesitate to ban that user.

Well, thank you for trying to keep this community safe and great @will :). Would you like the username of the person that has griefed sonic dimensions?

Can you DM me the username and I see if there’s anything we can do. It be pretty difficult to see past actions so as Will said, don’t add anyone randomly to your project and maintain good backup practises.

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sonic_fan11, im not sure he/she did it but we have to start off from scratch and i wasnt online and my 2 friends, owner and some other person wont do that. he was other person on team

It good it don’t matter the game is better now

it’s good take it down