Griefing In PlayCanvas 2.0

Hello! I have made a game called guns blazing as in this post. Guns Blazing - A Red and Blue Multiplayer Shooter! I know who it was. It was @barleystudios. I had added him yesterday then he had deleted himself. Is it possible to ban him?

I was at school today and others also and nobody was admin? So it was barleystudios cause he deleted himself since I never deleted him

@Gabriel_Dobrzynski why are you wanna ban me for? i had this account for a long time

You deleted the game…

i wasent even on today

Then why did you delete yourself?

you guys removed me

  1. No… 2. I was at school and Im only admin.

Locking post and talking to you two privately


This is unfortunate that this has happened and it’s very difficult for us to know who did what.

I will have to reiterate what Will has said earlier: Griefing in PlayCanvas

You should only give somebody write or admin access to your project if you trust them. Don’t just add anybody at random (for example, if somebody you don’t know says they want to help you on your project).

You can back up your projects, either using forking or by downloading your project.

Use version control (checkpoints) to ‘save’ versions of the project that cannot be deleted.

Antisocial behavior on PlayCanvas will not be tolerated. If we can verify somebody has abused another community member in some way, we won’t hesitate to ban that user.

I will repost this as a pinned post tomorrow.