Grid tile size

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I need to know what is size in pixels of tile the grid set in the editor? Or what is the size of this default 1x1x1 box also in pixels or in voxels?

Hi @HPomirko and welcome,

You can’t really measure it in pixels, since the closer the camera is the larger the size the box occupies in screen.

Voxels are an arbitrary system used to describe volumes, the system designer sets the size of each voxel in world units. So it depends on who is designing that said voxel system.

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Hello, @Leonidas
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So, please correct me, if I’m wrong, but all final dimensions of any 3d objects depends on the dimensions they were created with? Like, if this box has dimensions 2x2 voxels and I know how many pixels in this specific voxel system, it will has same dimensions after I import it to editor?
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It all depends on the graphical editor, depending on what the export is made from. For Blender, Maya3D, 3DMax, when importing into PlayCanvas, this can be a different scale 1, 0.1, etc. You will either have to create everything in one 3D editor, or choose the necessary settings for the scale of imported objects.

There are no pixel dimensions in 3D. You can set the scale relative to the original size of the object.