Gravity Not Working

Hi! I created 2 projects recently but I cannot get the gravity to work in any of my objects. I did apply both RigidBodies and Collision to both, checking to see if Collision was the correct type, and making sure the gravity was set appropriately. I also applied a movement script to the first project…nothing. The second project had a script that is meant to spin the ship but also, no luck. I’m following this tutorial for the ship project. I have been able to oepn other’s projects and play with no issues. Please help!

Hi @Christopher_McDow and welcome,

Make sure to import Ammo.js, which is the physics library Playcanvas is using, to your project first.

You can find the option to your project settings -> physics:

Huge huge huge help! Thank you! I did not know this was something that was required!

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In the past it wasn’t required, physics got added automatically. But at some point a modules system was introduced that allows a more versatile way of including things to your Playcanvas app.