Graphic flickering with large 3D objects

Hey im getting extreme graphics flickering on large objects.

This only happens in play mode though. Here are 2 videos. The 3D object with the flickering has the default import size of 0.025. The other one i scaled down to 0.001.

The flickering only occurs in play mode, not in the editor.
I only have one directional light with cast shadows turned off.


  • The white cubes you can see in the middle are primitive cubes with a scale of 1
  • I imported the model with the new option to preserve hierarchy

Ηι @LucaHeft,

That’s normal in 3D scenes with long range views. Try reducing the near/far planes limits in your active camera.

Try to increase the near plane, and decrease your far plane until you eliminate flickering.

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That does fix it! Thanks. What is an acceptable range for clipping?
With large objects i have to increase the near clipping plane? And with small objects i can push the near clipping plane down to 0.001?

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There isn’t really any, it depends on the type of scene you are building.

For example if you don’t offer close up views, where the camera can be really close to models then you are free to increase the near plane a lot. Basically it’s going to clip any objects that are closer to the camera than this limit (you can check it by moving the camera to intersect a model surface).

Similarly, the far plane should be big enough to cover the farthest point in your scene that should remain visible.

Well seems logical.
Thanks for the quick help :slight_smile:

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