Google Sheet Data pulling

Small script that pulls data from google and creates Jsons in desired location. The parent folder needs to be “Resources”. That is the only requirement.

Next on my to-do list:

  1. Allow updating of the existing Jsons
  2. Remove non-existing Jsons (without deleting the whole list and re-downloading it… can ruin scripts)
  3. Allow to put whatever google link
  4. Do some checking (Resource folder existing, downloaded type existing, etc.)
  5. Allow downloading/upading/removing all of the scripts with single button
  6. Allow stacking into single JSON instead of creating one for every item.
  7. Learn how to do Violentmonkey better. I do not understand how to split it into multiple scripts.
  8. Rename stuff, got tired mid way.

Probably more stuff needed. This is fun.