Google maps api

Hello, is there any way to use the google maps api, if yes is there some document as reference? Thanks a lot

Google Maps JS API:

Yes Lizzip i already saw that, i meant if there was some example on playcanvas. Anyway this project will need to be wrapped for iphone and i don’t know much of how a playcanvas project can be wrapped on iphone ( i saw and others) i was thinking to ask some help has paid job

That page has demos, samples and tutorial code which should be enough to at least try yourself?

I will give it a shot Lizzip. If this works as i have in mind will be a great shot. PS: it’s not a game of course.

Ehm how do i rewrite this in playcanvas?

Go to “” and save the contents of that as a script in your project I guess

Add script using javascript as element.

No, i don’t get it at all. Why does it have to be on iphone instead of android ;_; so unlucky.
PS: i already did the app for android in around 3 hrs and after i discovered that is needed on iphone. Unluckly there is no program for ios like the MIT app inventor for android

Ok i noticed that get the latitude and longitude is easy with navigator.geolocation, what i need is to get the address from the coordinates, so a reverse geolocation. so i need the google apis (and i don’t get at all how to use that) or i guess with leaflet (and still don’t get the use). Someone has some clue?
PS: I don’t need any visualization of the map

Hello again, i have found this the second part talk about reverse geocoding with an example, so i have tried to apply it to my code here with no success…depressed. Any clue? ( I tried to remove the map visualization function)

@Max (plus others): I realize that this topic is old, but to me it has suddenly gotten very relevant. Is it possible to make a tutorial on this? ( loading scripts asynchronously, is above my qualif’s and time) It gets especially hard when it sounds like you will call Google Maps API, in the html-part of the webpage (as element), while PlayCanvas Javascript is its own metaversion of ‘real’ Javascript, executed in your container?