GLTF draco compression (decoderModule is undefined)

I was trying to compress my GLB models with draco, but it seems to error with decoderModule is undefined.
My models do load in these viewers:, but not in

The model is exported through Blender, with compression checked. I’ve also tried converting my normal GLB with the gltf-pipeline npm package, but same result.

Reading this post, it looks like it should be possible? [SOLVED] PlayCanvas glTF DRACO compression support

Is this a bug or am I just doing something wrong again? :slight_smile:

Do you have the wasm draco module loaded?

You can find it here:

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Sorry, I assumed was supposed to work. It does work if I pull and localhost the github project you sent.
Copying the wasm-loader to my own project works too. It works fine, sorry for opening this topic.

Yeah, that’s on old viewer. We are looking to properly upload the the new version soon :slight_smile: