GLTF and Linear Color Space Issue

There is an issue with GLTF image encodin… The spec for GLTF and BabylonJS are expecting the GREEN ROUGHNESS and the BLUE METALNESS to be encoding in the texture in Linear Space.

When i do encode the metallic roughness texture G and B channels in linear space. BabylonJS looks perfect but PlayCanvas is WAY to shinny…

If i encode the texture in SRGB… BabylonJS look TOO dull (not shinny enough)… But then PlayCanvas look perfect.

Does anyone know how i can address this … or is there some flag to tell the shader material to use linear space…

Otherwise i would have to create a separate GLTF just for PlayCanvas with all the metallic roughness and glossiness values in SRGB … then make another one in LINEAR for all other GLTF implementations.

Any Help would be Awesome