Global GameJam Entry

Hi folks,

I met up with 3 other folks at the local Global GameJam, and we decided to make a game together with PlayCanvas.

I was the only one who had used PlayCanvas before ( for 2 days at a previous Hackathon ), and the others were happy to give it a go.

The GameJam started Friday at 5, and ended Sunday at 5, so 48 hours - we did about 5 hours on the Friday, 10 on Saturday, and about 5 on Sunday, so not a lot of time to make something from scratch while learning, but we were very impressed with what we were able to make with PlayCanvas!

Here’s the link…

Use the arrow keys to navigate.

I’ll try to jot down some issues we had with PlayCanvas in a different post, but of course the big one was a lack of a UI building infrastructure.

It looks like some of us will be be taking part in the PlayCanvas PlayJam, so we look forward to starting from scratch again and working on a new project with the tech, with a bit more experience under our belts.

Congrats on the game, @Mal_Duffin! Looks like you’ve picked up PlayCanvas pretty quickly! Just a little tip for you: if you update a camera in response to the movement of some other entity, it’s a good idea to update the camera in the ‘postInitialize’ script function rather than the vanilla ‘update’. This means that your camera is guaranteed to always be updated based on the tracked entity’s current position.

Looking forward to reading more about some of the challenges you faced making the game!

Cheers for the info on postInitialize script function, will def take that into account for the PlayJam entry - hopefully we’ll have the same team members working on this entry!

There were a few weird issues that I found when coding some scripts, I’ll try to recreate them over the next few days and report them ( during the Jam, it was a matter of trying stuff, and rather than spending too long on something that didn’t seem to work, we just quickly moved on and tried to use a different technique or method ).

Oh god I regret wearing earphones on full volume, scared the hell out of me when it loaded!

Aside from that, awesome work :smiley:

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Lizzie, the sounds were googled for and thrown in at the last minute as we didn’t have anyone to handle the audio, apologies for the scare :stuck_out_tongue: