Glb json png dds file format issue and javascript file issue

Hello, I’m a playcanvas novice, I see a reference example, there are a lot of json, png, dds files, and the overall load of resources on the web side is only 46.1MB, and we are the designer through C4D made a model imported into playcanvas, I published, found that there is a glb file, the other side does not have glb file (only json, png, dds file), and our glb file has 90+ MB, the total resources loaded on the web page reach 300+ MB this is too big, on the computer, and on the phone loading is particularly slow.

My question is:
Is there a problem with our approach? How can we get the overall resources in the 40+ MB instead of 300+ MB

the JS files loaded on their web pages are:

Special this
orbit-camera .js
mouse-input .js

how to add to the page, I don’t have a point about this

The reference page:
my page: test3 - PLAYCANVAS

Hi @gaoyong and welcome,

Apart from optimizing your models (e.g. reduce polycount) and textures (reduce resolution, use Basis compression), make sure to enable gZip compression to your website (if it’s not enabled). That will make sure to serve your assets compressed and reduce the download size by a big margin.

PlayCanvas hosted builds have that enabled by default.

On how to transfer the build to your website check the following two manual pages:

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Yes, the point of model optimization, I feedback to our designer colleagues let him try.
Also, I’ll turn on gzip compression when I’m done deploying later,
but what about these Javascript files? What am I supposed to do?

orbit-camera .js
mouse-input .js

Hmm I am not sure what problem those files are causing. They should be part of the zip file you are exporting from the PlayCanvas editor and they are automatically loaded by the PlayCanvas loader on start.

The build includes an index.html file that you should open and the loader will automatically fire. If you would like to merge that index.html file with your existing html page that requires some manual work to transfer everything there. Check the following manual page as a starting point on how to add the necessary code/scripts:

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Well! thank you very much
I’ll read the documents you listed

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@gaoyong Are you using the engine only or are you using the editor?

My idea is this: the designer designed a model of a city with C4D, there are 4 areas, the designer gave me the fbx file, I now import this fbx file, and then I expect to click on one area of the model is, jump to another model, specifically model or scene, I am not sure, I am groping.

I’m just doing it now, importing the fbx file that the designer gave me into playcanvas, and then after publishing it, I’m having a problem with the page loading too slowly

Looking at the model file:

It’s just very very large. At 9 million primitives, it needs to be much smaller. It may would also be worth splitting up the mesh into separate objects so you can load different parts over a longe period of time but allow the user to interact with the web page sooner.

Draco compression can help too in making the file size smaller but you will need convert the FBX to GLB with Draco compression and use the GLB directly (example here

The TLDR is that you need a less detailed model.

Okay, I’ll try, thank you very much