GLB file has incorrect materials set

I got a GLB file which when I view it in Playcanvas viewer it looks like this:

When I see it in this viewer:

And in blender:

Are you compressing the model in any way? I had a similar issue that was related to GLB model compression. The weird work-around for me was to: in Blender the material did not have a normal texture set. Adding a “normal map” node with an “image texture” node containing a file worked for me.

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I am not compressing the model in any way, the issue is that I cannot edit these models as they are designed by the artists in a gallery-like environment as GLB files and uploaded directly to a server which then is loaded in Playcanvas, I have had some cases where their materials are not shown correctly even though they are shown correctly on blender/maya.

Would it be possible to DM us one of the models that is not rendering correctly?

Renders fine for me in the Editor and viewer:

Not sure what could be the issue…
I am using Win 10 and the latest chrome:


Any errors in the console?

No errors.

Repro’ed on Windows :thinking:

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This works correctly on Mac under Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

This works incorrectly under Linux on Chrome and Firefox.


Found the cause: [FIX] Handle inf on windows correctly by slimbuck · Pull Request #3293 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

This should go out with the next engine release


@Saad_Haider The fix has been released as part of 1.44.0 today