GLB drops UV1 from 3ds Max FBX export


It appears using the Convert to GLB model import setting drops the second UV channel, UV1. I have tested this with multiple FBX versions from 3ds max, 2016 through to 2020, all have the same result. Switching back to JSON works fine and the second UV is imported correctly.

I am assuming this is not the expected behaviour?

Many thanks,


It is not, we have a ticket open for this and will be looking at fixing this as soon as we can.

Okay cool. Thanks for the prompt response.

Hey @yaustar, is this still an open issue on github?

I don’t see this issue on github … and so I created it

I’d appreciate some fbx files with uv1 to test if somebody have some that can be shared. Thanks!

It was on an internal issue tracker :sweat_smile: