GLB animation help


Hi everyone, the GLB file in this project has animation and plays perfectly fine in playcanvasviewer but doesn’t play the animation in the editor. Is animation in GLB supposed to work in playcanvas or just in the viewer? Thanks in advance

Strange… The animation works on the 3D model from the Editor play view for me. :thinking:

These screenshots were taken without me moving the camera controls - thus meaning the animation is playing properly.

Here’s another thread with some educational details too:

On a side note, I also noticed you had several models and several animations. Perhaps you were experimenting with more than just the one that was currently setup in the project?

I’m also not sure if this is related and if the 3D mesh isn’t updated with the Skeleton animation preview in the Editor, but the mesh wasn’t updating for me… Maybe your model isn’t parented to the Skeleton (armature) before export? If you’re going to need parent it at runtime with some code.

Finally, if you’re going for an Editor viewport you’re going to need to manually place your generated GLB into the Editor manually, then adding a, Animation (LEGACY), component to the object, which will allow you to preview the animation + model in realtime in the Editor viewport.

Example from @yaustar:

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