Glass is not transparent on the newer version

I’m transitioning from playcanvas 1.24 to 1.45.3 version.
Somehow a glass material isn’t transparent on 1.45 version meanwhile it’s transparent on 1.24 version.


Not Transparent

If you let me know how to share the material, I will send it to you.


Hi @sooyong_Kim,

Not sure what may be wrong, are you able to share a sample public project that includes your material to take a look?

it happens on PlayCanvas engine. not on the studio. but I can share the material

The problem is the glass should be transparent. But as you see, the first one isn’t but the second is …
If you give me your email address, I can share model and material.

Are you saying that it works correctly in the Editor, but not in engine-only version?

In that case do you have any errors in console? And could you share the code where you create and assign your material, please?