Give me a fps model please?

I need a model for a first person shooter game im working on rn to copy and paste

it also needs like a knife and hand


How about this:

And this:

how do i add these to be in first person?

You would have to add the knife to the model: If you have a 3d model Editor (ex: Maya, Autodesk, etc) Or you can connect the knife the the ‘Hands’ Bone. use this for help on the skeleton:

Also this project here use the ‘Skeleton’ issue (Although Outdated) Could still be used for help in the long run if you can convert the script to current.

@will Is there a way in playcanvas to animate the models yourself? unity has some animations plugins on the asset store for example. Could that work in playcanvas?

Not yet, Nathan. The animation system currently works by importing animations created by external apps (Maya/Max/Blender/etc).

But we’re going to be working on this this year. The plan is that we’ll take the glTF loader and the accompanying animation system and integrate them into the core engine. We can then write tools in the Editor to allow you to animate things by creating/setting keyframes on whatever you like.

Most animation I do in my games/apps, I use tween.js. For example, I use it in the Flappy Bird project to animate the scoreboard onto the screen. I created a little wrapper script for it. Obviously, animating a character is way too complicated for this kind of technique though!

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Yes thank you!,
I look forward to this and keep up the good work!
Also would it cause some problems when uploading files?
Console Errors and what not?

What do you mean?


I mean when trying to upload an fbx file to create animations couldnt it cause problems?

Still not sure what you mean? PlayCanvas supports FBX animations so there shouldn’t be any errors.

Were you thinking of trying to use that animation system that Will linked to for FBX models? If so, it just wouldn’t work as it’s part of the PlayCanvas GLTF library. I have a feeling that PlayCanvas may move away from FBX’s as it’s a proprietary format.