Giant Rush [TapNation]

Hey all,

Me and my team (@Faiq_Laiq @Shahzaib) worked on porting TapNation’s popular game Giant Rush from Unity to Playcanvas to launch on the Web and FB IG, it was a fun project to work on and any feedback is welcome as we are still in the process of optimizing the game as much as possible :slight_smile: .


The game doesn’t load if AdBlock is enabled.

It loads and plays smoothly after disabling adblock.

Hi @Devortel , Noted the issue, Thank you.

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Has your team had any experience with the new Needle Engine? I’m curious if you’ve explored it as a tool for porting Unity apps to the web, and if so, did you run into any roadblocks?

Looks interesting, we haven’t tried it out yet,

The assets(including anims) were in the FBX format so there wasn’t much issue for us. We did not need lightmaps in this game, but will definitely check out this tool.

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