Getting x rotation with atan2

Hi! I trying to get dif between rotations in euler angles.

I use formula from [SOLVED] Getting Y rotation as 0 - 360 degrees (or -180 to 180)

with atan2, but when i trying to use it with x axis, its doing something wrong…sometimes its going to other side

{, transformedForward);

    var x = Math.atan2(-transformedForward.y,-transformedForward.z) * pc.math.RAD_TO_DEG - this.prevPosX;

this.prevposX = Math.atan2(-transformedForward.y,-transformedForward.z) * pc.math.RAD_TO_DEG

The math looks right. Can you share your project to look at please?

Sorry, it’s a commercial project and I cant show it.
I think problem is that I use it for 2 axis.

MoveGameFrame.prototype.update = function(dt){
    var transformedForward = new pc.Vec3();, transformedForward);

    var x = (Math.atan2(-transformedForward.y,-transformedForward.z) * pc.math.RAD_TO_DEG) - (this.prevPosX);
    var y = (Math.atan2(-transformedForward.x, -transformedForward.z) * pc.math.RAD_TO_DEG + 180 ) - (this.prevPosY+180);    
        x = 0;
        y = 0;
    var z = 0;
    this.text.element.text = Math.floor(x);'devMot',new pc.Vec3(x,y,z),dt);
    this.prevPos = new pc.Vec3(,,;
    transformedForward = new pc.Vec3();, transformedForward);
    this.prevPosX = Math.atan2(-transformedForward.y,-transformedForward.z) * pc.math.RAD_TO_DEG;

    this.prevPosY = Math.atan2(-transformedForward.x, -transformedForward.z) * pc.math.RAD_TO_DEG;  
MoveGameFrame.prototype.deviceMotion = function(e,dt) 
          // e.acceleration
          // e.accelerationIncludingGravity
          // e.rotationRate (Returns the rate at which the device is rotating around each of its axes in degrees per second)
          // e.interval(Returns the interval, in milliseconds, at which data is obtained from the underlaying hardware)
          this.rotX = Math.sign(e.y) *Math.max(Math.abs(e.y - 0.15),0);
          this.rotY = Math.sign(e.x) *Math.max(Math.abs(e.x - 0.1),0);
         window.context.entity.setLocalPosition(window.context.clamp(window.context.entity.getLocalPosition().x + this.rotX/30,-2.2,2.7),
                                window.context.clamp(window.context.entity.getLocalPosition().y -  this.rotY/50,-0.5,0.5),
         var screenCenterX = ( / 2)/window.devicePixelRatio;
         var screenCenterY = ( / 2)/window.devicePixelRatio;
          var from =, screenCenterY,;
          var to =, screenCenterY,;
          this.result =, to);
          //window.context.text.element.text = this.result;

I use it instead of device motion, because it’s a new bug on ios 13.4.1, that always returns false after devicemotion.requestpermission, but 8thwall give me position and rotation of camera.

Maybe somehow I can use quaternions? I am not really good in math…

When y rotation at ~180 degrees, x axis rotation from 180 to 0, when y rotation at ~0 degrees, x axis rotate from 0 to 180 =[

Can you demo the problem in a new project?

What are you trying to achieve with this? Is the camera attached to the ‘phone’ and therefore trying to get the angle that camera is facing?

I was wrong, the math isn’t quite right. That will work for the the Yaw rotation until the player looks straight up (which is easy enough to avoid) but I forgot that getting the Pitch is affected by the rotation of the Yaw.

The best way I can come up with to work out the Pitch is to calculate the angle between the forward vector and the XZ plane.


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Sorry for late answer, I use full rotation of camera right now and all is ok, we changed conception of game) Thanks for reply