Getting render-info/data from profiler

I can tell that the profiler counts the number of triangles in the scene (at each end of a draw >> total draw calls etc).
If this number ca be outputted to the profiler, one should be able to console.log-it (?)

I am trying to find a parallel solution to: Polygon count function
and/or Detect if entity rendered

Goal: read if all entities are rendered, in order to smooth camera-movement or other events that relies on smooth performance.

This part of my approach, which actually doesn’t seem to give me the correct percentage (here measured with ‘this.hLoaderProc’) of rendered objects:

 if(tmpteaterStol_HLP1.enabled === true && tmpteaterStol_HLP2.enabled === true && tmpteaterStol_HLP3.enabled === true  && tmpteaterStol_HLP4.enabled === true && tmpteaterStol_HLP5.enabled === true){
        this.hLoaderProc +=20;
        // 20-40 %
        if(tmpteaterStol_HLP6.enabled === true && tmpteaterStol_HLP7.enabled === true && tmpteaterStol_HLP8.enabled === true && tmpteaterStol_HLP9.enabled === true){
        this.hLoaderProc +=20;
        // 40-80 %
        if(this.toNedersteND.enabled === true && this.toNedersteNN.enabled === true && this.toOversteNO.enabled === true && this.toOversteOE.enabled === true && this.MaleriLille.enabled === true && this.MaleriMellem.enabled === true && this.MaleriStor.enabled === true){
        this.hLoaderProc +=40;
        // 60-100 %
        if(tmpJugensLygtePael.enabled === true && tmpStander.enabled === true){  this.hLoaderProc +=20;}

Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

Indeed the engine provides a class with scene analytics that is enabled when running through the editor. To feed data to the profiler.

I think though this class isn’t available when you publish a build. You will have to compile a custom version of the Playcanvas engine to include in your published project, to do what you want.

Yes, I can see Max writing so (as well). Cannot make it work though, as there doesn’t seem to be a viable ‘stats’-auto-complete for in code editor etc.

Have since my 1st post, been trying ‘onPostRender’ - should this not be working if I have the layer “firs100” set in the scene settings?:"firs100").onPostRender = function() { console.log("n3");
 this.hLoaderProc +=20;