Getting Issue for full screen

Hi everyone I’m getting an error when I click the button for full screen then my HTML button disappears and when I click the f11 button for full screen the button shows on the screen .

what do you mean by “the button”?

I made the button on the playcanvas as entity which does to work as a fullscreen. But the thing is that the HTML button disappears when I do this and if I press the f11 key then this issue does
not appear and it works fine

can you share a simple project to demonstrate the problem?

let me share video with you

once you click the white button the HTML button disappears but once press the f11 it will not disappear.Its just an example

Without knowing the script behind the white button its hard to say what the problem is. I suspect the canvas is going full screen, but the HTML page itself isn’t and somehow ends up behind it.

Since F11 and the button in the image below works correctly, I suspect your script needs to requestFullScreen using the DOM

Here’s the code behind this full screen button. It uses an iframe, but you won’t need to.

thanks let me check