Getting entity to move with the fps camera

i want to add guns to for a sci-fi fps game here PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
i have tried many times with no avail. i would like to add a melee mechanic. could someone give me a detailed explanation on how i would do this and how it would work?

thanks for your time!

Hi @SLAVRED0000N4SIR! Is this the same question as in the other topic?

i looked at it but id doesn’t give me enough detail to work from it.

Were you already able to make your gun entity a child of the camera entity?


  1. Move the mouse above the gun entity

  2. Click and hold the left mouse button

  3. Move the mouse above the camera entity

  4. Release left mouse button

thank you very much whats next?

That should be enough to move your gun with the camera.