Get rid of playcanvas footer?

Hello guys,

Just wondering how do I remove the playcanvas footer? I cant recall seeing it in my other projects.


There’s two ways, one is to use the iframe-less view where you add /e before the /p in the publish link.

eg becomes

Or add the extra param ?overlay=false to the publish link. eg


Is that new?

No, it’s been there since at least 2016 :sweat_smile:

It automatically disappears if the window is small (eg on a mobile screen)

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OK thanks!

Hello again, juste one more question regarding that.

If I have my own hosting with my own url address, do I need that overlay argument at all?

And while I have you, What are the best/fastest hosting we can get to serve a playcanvas app to clients? Its a VR app that have many heavy 360 images (8k around 15mb each) and videos.


If you have downloaded a build off PlayCanvas and hosting that elsewhere, then no.

As a final build? That’s good question :thinking:. I was generally thinking of some AWS + Cloudfront solution.

@Leonidas or @LeXXik , any recommendations on your end?

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Thank you so much for the answers.

Yes, I would say the same.

I had also good experience with Linode:

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I used both AWS and Massivegrid fine. AWS might be more expensive on scale, than MG, but has more tools. Both have good reach.


And if you don’t want to deal with the headache of setting everything up on a cloud provider like AWS, you can try Wodby for server management:

I found it was a nice in between for premium managed solutions, and DIY cloud setups.


Is there like faster servers tech out there that will make my 20mb image download super fast. (assuming my client as a fast connection as well)


It is not about faster server, but a proximity of the client to the closest node of the distribution CDN. If your client is close to it, it will be max speed of what your client supports, otherwise slower, depending on distance.

If you mean some sort of technology to compress images, then they are already compressed, so compressing them further, like using gzip, can make them even larger.

In addition to the other server hosting solutions that people have recommended here, I think Digital Ocean is also definitely worth a shot; deploying and scaling are seamless as per my past experience.

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My Wodby setup is for deployments on Digital Ocean!

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