Get more 'colors' in render?

Current settings:

Tonemapping: Aces
Exposure: 1
Gamma: 2.2

I want to somehow achieve more colored look, so that you could really see that there are different walls, any ideas?

Hi @Newbie_Coder,

Are you talking about how ambient/environmental light affects your scene? You may need to import a cubemap to get more realistic and varied lighting.

And you may need to add some textures in your walls if you need the color to vary.

I had tried skybox aswell, does not change very much unless you make material glossy, perhaps there are other settings or adjustments that could affect it?

Can you share some example of what end result you are looking for?

You could use textures, or vertex colors with a bit of a color variation, based on the side. Or you could add a couple of soft omni lights as back/sidelight.

Something like corners would be darker just a bit, so it looks like few walls instead of one, perhaps i could use some sort of shader? Applying to all world :thinking:

I’m looking for a solution that would be applied to whole world not just this part, just to somehow make it look more realistic

Something like this to explain better, could be lighter or darker, any would do