I’m trying to run locally, and when I do, I encounter the below error: - - [03/Feb/2015 12:36:56] code 404, message File not found - - [03/Feb/2015 12:36:56] "GET /graphics/programlib/chunks/generated_shaderchunks.js HTTP/1.1" 404 -

The JavaScript file does not exist in the repository, but there is a graphics_defaultShaderChunks.js in the GRAPHICS directory, two levels up. Is this the correct file?

I’ll change it and see what happens and report back when I can.

EDIT - I take that back. The graphics_defaultShaderChunk is being loaded too. I’m wondering if the missing file has any impact on the problems I’m seeing.

I have the repository downloaded, but I did not perform the build. Instead the folder structure is intact, and instead I modified the paths to each script files. That may be where I’m shooting myself in the foot. There’s a DEPENDENCIES.TXT file, which does reference the generated_shaderchunks.js file, but it may not actually be used.

The Writing Customer Shader, Burn Shader, and the ToonShader work. But I cannot get the simple Spinning Cube, or Loading Model to work.

Maybe I missing some other files. Is there a compiled version of Ammo.js I can just download? generates generated_shaderchunks.js, so you have to run it.

Can questions about the engine (building, running, bugs, etc etc) go on the GitHub project please? Thanks!

Haha. . .hence the name. . .GENERATED :slight_smile:

Will, is there a place for discussions in the GitHub repository? I see Issues, Pull Requests, and the Wiki. Apparently the Wiki for the engine isn’t being used. Also, what about issues/features that affect more the one component? For instance a feature that would impact both the editor and engine?

Issues are really the place for discussions. But a discussion would have to be about:

  • A bug
  • A feature request
  • Performance/optimization
  • API design

That kind of thing. It’s not a place for discussion about:

  • How to use the API (i.e. what you might call a support discussion)

For support type question (How do I…?), the Answers site should be used, or maybe the Forum for general chat.