Generated a script through CHAT GPT to move a car in a demo project

I was testing out the hype of CHAT GPT here in play canvas. Well the response was not what I was expecting but I might not have searched properly though. One thing I noticed is that it does not generate results considering recent updates. There might be legacy scripts. You has to at least have knowledge around the search you are making. Anyways the results would definitely improve with time. There were some errors that I debugged and get the code running. Here is the link of the project along with the screen shot of the generated result from CHAT GPT. Please do let me know your take on this.

I did some testing with ChatGPT to see how it would handle a smaller engine like PlayCanvas and found that it was 80-90% there. It had a rough idea on how all the different systems in PlayCanvas works but doesn’t quite hook them correctly together.

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they said it doesn’t really have knowledge about anything past 2020 so it might just be using an outdated version with outdated scripts

Even with that in mind, ChatGPT is still doing things that aren’t part of the API or it’s understanding how scripts are structured is also a little off. For example, the above code is using globals which isn’t recommended

When would we get a CHAT GPT API to integrate in our projects?

I did see a documentation over here though.

It’s a REST API so there’s nothing stopping you adding Open AI to your projects (note that documentation is NOT for ChatGPT, it’s for their other models like GPT-3)

However, given you need to provide API keys, the API is intended to run on server backends rather than client side.

you can teach ChatGPT to be able to script PlayCanvas if you want to.