General Video Texture Questions

I’ve put a video texture on the TV screen in the bar in my level, and it plays pretty janky-- the texture appears and plays, but it’s very stuttery.

Maybe it’s the size of the world overall? Running so much eats up processing power, leaving few resources to play the video smoothly? Cuz when I test the same video and scripts in a stripped down environment it plays just fine.

ALSO: is there still support for streaming MP4 videos? When I attempt that (from a HTTPS server), no video plays.

Not a dealbreaker in any case, just curious.

EDIT: Tested on a more powerful computer and the video playback in the main scene plays without stutter-- clearly the problem is processing power on lesser computers.

BUT still interested in any answers regarding streaming textures. For reference, this is the video I am trying to stream:

Yeah, the browser is having trouble allocating processor time to video processing. I notice that your Sun entity has a Light component set to generate a 4096x4096 32-bit Variance Shadow Map. If you switch it to a 2048x2048 5x5 PCF Shadow Map, the scene renders much faster and on my machine at least, the video plays normally. As is always the case with graphics, you have to balance quality with performance.

One option is to have Low, Medium and High settings that the user can choose from. And maybe default to Medium.