Gaussian Splat model not rendering correctly

Hi there I used the orbit camera Script with a GS as suggested in the tutorial on GS.
The Model looks OK in editor but in the app there is some sort of “backface” render issue. Since there are no normals in GS (as far as I know) what could cause this problem? Camera settings?
adding some screenshots to illustrate my point.

PS: Anybody know what the black disk in the first image is? Is that related to the GS?

Thanks for cheking

I’m not sure about the backface issue … is it like the sorting does not work maybe? Perhaps post a short video of spinning around.

The black dot is fixed in the Release v1.71.6 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub which is not released to the Editor yet (should be early next week). In the meantime, try using the RC build from the launch menu, that has the fix.

here is a video to illustrate my point. It’s either distance, camera or backface culling issue.

any idea @slimbuck ?

Hey @Buro_Achenbach ,

Looks like the gaussian splats aren’t being sorted correctly. Can you give me access to your project so I can take look? (username slimbuck).