GameSpy like service for PlayCanvas?

I am building a first person shooter in PlayCanvas and I want multiplayer that works like the Halo: Combat Evolved PC multiplayer. GameSpy is no longer available, and I haven’t found anything else so far. Any suggestions?

Maybe Photon + Steam?

I will have to try that. Could you drop a link? I don’t know which of these many results I get for “Photon”

Thanks! And Steam, as in Valve right?

Steam from Valve yes. So GameSpy was like a platform from where people find games and play them. Steam is platform where to find games too. But networking you would need to do yourself in any case. Photon helps with matchmaking and other bits for players, so you can focus on implementing just game mechanics for your server and client code.

Thank you! I will definately use these services.

Can I help with this maybe? I can really help, because I like halo so much.

@Gavin_Durbin Please check the date of the latest reply. This is over 5 years old :sweat_smile:

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