Game (World 1 Map)

Arrival of a new game.
World 1 Is coming. Soon.

Any specifics on what its about? Need help?

I will be producing it later today in version 0.0.3 as a preview. hopefully the public enjoys it. Also, any ideas for a themed world?

themed world wdym? please explain

Such as a cityscape(rooftops), or a jungle(either the tops or the overgrowth) Hope you enjoy it, (the theme for this one so far was mountain, but it’s in early dev.)

The Game
(I need a name idea.)
Can you spread it around? maybe get ideas from others on other world ideas?
And I already have levels 2,4-9, and B2-4 Sketched out for world 1

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Version 0.0.4 Released! Please leave any comments for ideas!

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Got stuck in the first world in the maze area. It would benefit from an indicator showing the rough direction of the next portal/teleportor.

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well… it’s called a maze. but the next level is NW. And Version 0.0.5 is now released. Also, I have removed the lights, except a new one that tracks with the ball to reduce lag. This will also help in World 2… and finally, if you want me to include a level, or make a ‘user made level’ by you guys, I’ll definitely do that!

Although I am considering adding a map…but I am having troubles getting it in properly. I am new to this software so I would appreciate some help. :thinking: ANYWAY! If you would like to help with this, I would love your help!

I can help are you trying to do scene switching?

Eventually, yes… But I don’t know how.

I can show you i know how :slight_smile:

ps; I saw the other game (It is called CATLESS for a reason or typo? and how do YOU MOVE.)
pps: Good graphics though.

yes it is not ready @GLaDOS i dont know why they released it when (We) did but we where excited i am thinking of restarting it (ScAvAnge) and im moving pretty slow so far :slight_smile: you can go ahead and add me if you want

Will do. Am adding Things to it now.

I did it @Nathan_Hawkins1, You should now be able to do it. See you there!

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Sorry @Nathan_Hawkins1 if I didn’t show at 12:00, I was more busy than I thought. Hopefully will try again at 7:30 AM EST or around that time. Thank you for helping, if only for the small talk.

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Shared this game to some of my friends, hope they will check it

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Oh, thanks, did you enjoy it?!