Game (World 1 Map)


Arrival of a new game.
World 1 Is coming. Soon.


Any specifics on what its about? Need help?


I will be producing it later today in version 0.0.3 as a preview. hopefully the public enjoys it. Also, any ideas for a themed world?


themed world wdym? please explain


Such as a cityscape(rooftops), or a jungle(either the tops or the overgrowth) Hope you enjoy it, (the theme for this one so far was mountain, but it’s in early dev.)


The Game
(I need a name idea.)
Can you spread it around? maybe get ideas from others on other world ideas?
And I already have levels 2,4-9, and B2-4 Sketched out for world 1


Version 0.0.4 Released! Please leave any comments for ideas!


Got stuck in the first world in the maze area. It would benefit from an indicator showing the rough direction of the next portal/teleportor.


well… it’s called a maze. but the next level is NW. And Version 0.0.5 is now released. Also, I have removed the lights, except a new one that tracks with the ball to reduce lag. This will also help in World 2… and finally, if you want me to include a level, or make a ‘user made level’ by you guys, I’ll definitely do that!


Although I am considering adding a map…but I am having troubles getting it in properly. I am new to this software so I would appreciate some help. :thinking: ANYWAY! If you would like to help with this, I would love your help!


I can help are you trying to do scene switching?


Eventually, yes… But I don’t know how.


I can show you i know how :slight_smile:


ps; I saw the other game (It is called CATLESS for a reason or typo? and how do YOU MOVE.)
pps: Good graphics though.


yes it is not ready @GLaDOS i dont know why they released it when (We) did but we where excited i am thinking of restarting it (ScAvAnge) and im moving pretty slow so far :slight_smile: you can go ahead and add me if you want


Will do. Am adding Things to it now.


I did it @Nathan_Hawkins1, You should now be able to do it. See you there!


Sorry @Nathan_Hawkins1 if I didn’t show at 12:00, I was more busy than I thought. Hopefully will try again at 7:30 AM EST or around that time. Thank you for helping, if only for the small talk.


Shared this game to some of my friends, hope they will check it


Oh, thanks, did you enjoy it?!