Game over Screen

I am working on a game and I need help with the game over screen. I have a 2d screen ready but I need an if-then statement that says that if the entity respawns then the screen will pop up.

To create a game over screen in PlayCanvas, you can use an if-then statement that checks whether the player’s entity has respawned. Here is some sample code that you can use:

the code (example)

var playerEntity = // Get a reference to the player's entity

// Check if the player's entity has respawned
if (playerEntity.respawned) {
    // Show the game over screen
    var gameOverScreen = // Get a reference to the game over screen entity
    gameOverScreen.enabled = true;

Thank you for the help. I am kinda new to coding and I wanted to ask what you meant by getting a reference to the player’s entity and game-over-screen entity.

Hi @Ishika_Saha!

If you use something like below, the variable gameOverScreen is a reference to the entity in the scene.

var gameOverScreen ='Name of entity in your scene');