Game not working on ipad

Hello guys, is there any reason why my game don’t work on ipad? Is Apple fault?
EDIT: it works on mac notebook though

Define ‘not working’.

It load the bar and at the end don’t go anywere (ps. i report this by a friend coz i don’t have ipad)

So you get the preload bar and then nothing happens?

If I remember correctly, your project had a large delay between the preload bar finishing and the game starting even on my i5 iMac.

Without being able to try myself, I can assume either:

  • It is just taking much longer to load compared to a laptop
  • The device has ran out of VRAM (I have no idea how much VRAM your app is using at the moment) and crashing
  • Something that you are doing or a library you are using doesn’t work on the iPad for whatever reason

If you have a smartphone (Android or iPhone), it be worth trying on that yourself as that my lead to clues why it isn’t working on the iPad. Also, what model of iPad is it?

Lol i don’t have a clue and since my friend live in Japan i have no fast ways to know since there now is night. On android it works, i have tried it 2 days ago also if need some works on raphael coz the windows don’t relocate by the size of screen. On iphone ipad or mac not tested (don’t have anyone here to ask that).
About VRAM don’t know that either, same thing about libraries. :smiley:

I don’t suppose you are drawing anything to the canvas directly? There is a bug where Safari crashes if you have Device Pixel Ratio ticked, drawing to the canvas and running the app in an iframe.

Can your friend try this link (this is without an iframe):

ok i will send it to him thanks

HI there,
I think it’s taking some more time to load the game so due to more time it shows the error and it doesn’t work on your iPad.

Hello @LeesaJohnson so it’s just a time load issue?

Tryied the link you gave me @yaustar and don’t work…the loading bar don’t start…asking for ipad type will edit this post as i know.
EDIT: ipad air2 10.3.1 ios version and ram 2gb
EDIT2: after 10 mins the loading bar reached 1/3
EDIT3: 25minutes for download it all

Did the game run after? The slow download speeds and ping times are due to distance as your friend is in Japan.

Yes it started…with some problem of speed but worked. Speed problem i guess is game optimization fault