Game not working on ipad mini 2

I am working on a game and it is working fine on all of the devices and platforms except for iPad mini 2 where it is showing some errors in console and not loading. I am attaching the errors screenshot.
I know it is a very old device but is there any work around to this issue?
Thanks in advance

Are you loading a PlayCanvas published build (from or your own hosted service?

What version of iOS is it running?

If it’s below version 8, I’m afraid the current version of PlayCanvas engine doesn’t support iOS 7 and below.

If you want to get around the issue, you can try loading a polyfill for the Set object before the engine is loaded (eg

It is running on playcanvas server, not my own.
The OS is 12.5 for this device.

Are you sure? The Set object should exist in version 12.5

Can you screenshot the iOS version please?

Can you share the published URL please so we can try to reproduce on our end?

My Bad @yaustar
OS is infact 7 for this device.
Thanks for the help.

The game is not working on the 12.5 version as well but I do not have access to that device right now.
I will get back to you with more information.

If it’s on iOS 7, then you will get the error from the screen above because the Set object/class doesn’t exist in iOS 7 and below. You may be able to get around it using a polyfill for Set class

This is likely to be a separate issue, please use a new thread if and when you find the issue