Game Music will get stuck when screen recorder is turned on

Game Music will get stuck if screen recorder is turned on. Even in an empty level
also I disabled all gameplay and ui code and then start recording just in home menu but this issue happens again

device :
Redmi note 8
Android ver: 11
Ram: 4GB
Network: WIFI

Isn’t that an issue with the screen recorder app taking too many resources from the phone perhaps or interfering with the audio stream from the browser?

I personally use GitHub - Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device for external screen recordings

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Thanks @yaustar
In general the heating and the sound issues were not observed while playing other games on that device
I want to find main problem

Other games being native games or web browser games?

Are you using the max device pixel ratio? Does the issues still happen with it disabled and rendering at a lower resolution?

web browser games like this fb instant game

render setting :

are you means Device Pixel Ratio checkbox?
if yes , no i don’t test without Device Pixel Ratio

Yep, that’s the setting. Having it enabled means that the app is rendering at full native resolution of the screen which takes a good chunk of CPU and GPU power.

Try disabling it and try the screen recording again to see if that helps

If it does help, then your phone is not capable of running a web app game at native resolution while recording the screen on the same device.

More information about device pixel ratio: Device Pixel Ratio | Learn PlayCanvas

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