Game doesn't work on mobile when play vertically

My game doesn’t seem to work properly when playing on mobile with the phone tilted vertically.
My project is below:

When the game start, you can click on the “Auto Gallery Tour” button, it will then walk to a picture, then try pressing “info” icon, a description will pop up, then it supposed to disappear after you press on the “info” icon again. But this doesn’t work when you tilt your phone vertically. Everything works fine when you tilt your phone horizontally which really doesn’t make sense to me. Could anyone help me with this please?

Thank you!

Hi @dongqtm,

I think you have an issue with CSS somewhere, when you are on portrait mode (vertical), the description div overlaps the Info button (even though that’s not visible, you can check with the browser dev tools).

If you fix that, then the button works fine.

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