Game devolpment

Hello I need help finding out how to make walls or Enutiy hard instead of walking through them

Hi @CloudWolf,

Check the following tutorial on how to setup a scene and add a player controller that can collide with other bodies:

Where is the rigid body settings?

Select an entity and look to the right in the inspector panel. If there is nothing there, try adding a rigid body component first.

I need to know how to walk on platfroms not to walk can you pls send a tutorial pls

@CloudWolf You can put collision and rigid on your planes, walls etc. This will allow the player to walk (Remember to put linear damping to 0.99 and Angular Factor to 0 X , 0 Y , 0 Z )

So, you dont go upside down (put dynamic also.)

thank you do you have discord

Used to.

Oh well can you fix the bug and make the stuff not fall
so I can add the next level

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Also how do you add text

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In what game? Tomorrow Im doing it when I wake up. Then I start Act 2 on my game!

No like how do you add Words like you did in your game

What do you mean? The notes? Note: I woke up with just a flashlight. What happened?

like “Get out!!”
when you enter the game

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I need help I Keep falling off the map

@CloudWolf If you want to learn to code like me I have been using and if you need help on your game I may be able to help

Thank you that would be wonderful and yes I will add send your username a
I had someone working on the map