Game development

Hello if you would like to Collab here are my Requirements at least a month of coding,desighner
I’m looking for
3 coders
2 designers
Please email me only email me at
I check my inbox every hour and there will be no pay
You will be payed with 50% of the game and it’s 50% of it’s revenue

Hiya @CloudWolf What kind of designing do you want? Like I can create maps with planes. But that’s it.

I would do the characters the map would be a life saver do you have PlayCanvas

Actually yes, Im working on my own game myself. (In demo for now)

characters i can get online but the rest i can do the map (without getting from online) or modelling

That sounds good is it the same username
I will give you Editor

my name is thegab

Ok thank you
I really appreciate are I am not paying are you ok with that but I will give you a cut when I have money

No, actually I dont want the money. Im just 12 and I really just want people to enjoy it. (The game)

Thank you when I make in game purchases you get free stuff I added you
to the game look up The Best Friend Ever

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Also, please be aware im active all the time but I will work on this game 40 - 50 minutes because I have my own game that will take about a week and I will be working on that for 2 - 3 hours

Can I be a tester and can u give me read

Its a story game thats about 4 - 5 hours long.

Demo is out now you can just play!

When are you gonna work on my project

I can work now for about 5 - 10 minutes, since im going to play soon.

Play what

on my ps4

Oh I’m on PC
I playing Fortnite and warzone

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Ok just text me on the editor when your baack