Game Demo - Cursed Life

Hello! Is It possible if you can try my game and see any problems, what you would like more?

Also, be aware that this is a story game! (When the full game comes out)

Looks good @Gabriel_Dobrzynski! I would still check the settings of the flashlight because the light to the front is not realistic.


Thanks I will improve the flashlight!

how many hits to defeat the boss? I’ve been shotting him for a while and I died

please be aware that the boss has 150 health, so try moving backward and the boss moving towards you and just shoot him! :slight_smile:

And what do i put in Socket.js Script

3 socket.js scripts in three different scripts.


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i’m just trying to make a multiplayer shooter.

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and the Model thing is not work

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You on chromebook?


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So, I can’t really explain that

Kind of hard to explain (for you)


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is it possible?

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This is not the right place to ask these questions @thebosser24. Please do this for each question in your own thread.


This game has been finished! For now you can only play act 3, menu will be fixed later that you can play other acts! Here is the link to my game. Hope people like it! What do you want to make better? What do you like? Comment down below :smiley:


  1. There is no restart button

  1. You need to create a new camera layer and put the weapon in it, this adds an extra level of awkwardness to an already untextured gun shooting yellow balls

  2. Lack of weapon animations / textures / sounds / muzzle flash:


  1. Yellow ball as bullet is a joke lol

  2. Enemies have no animations either and the follow code feels broken

In general sounds, textures, animations and visual responsiveness are important, but non-existent in this game


Don’t really care about bullets. Enemies don’t have to have animations, follow code has been slowed. Alot of games don’t have restart buttons… Cannot do animations also :confused: (Don’t understand a thing…)