Game creation inspiration

Creating a game from scratch is very difficult to do so. Do not get discouraged, as I am here to help. The whole point of a game is to be a “game”. Yes, it may seem obvious, but in reality a lot of developers miss the point. A game has to have meaning, purpose, and reason for players to play it. You have to have a game idea such as “hide and seek” and use that to build the base of your game.

It may sound complex, yet in reality you can do anything you put your mind to. There may be people who will say “That is impossible”, just ignore the negative and embrace the positive. There is much more to making a game than models, art, and music. Behind the game there is complex code, weather it be Java, JavaScript, Python, Etc.
The point is know your idea, design, plan. Don’t just rush it, take your time.

It is part of the description of a game developer to design, plan, and test. Practice makes perfect.

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