Game crashing on iOS

Hey, i’m struggling with crashing game on iOS devices nad no clue what is the root cause of it. I optimized game a lot(compressed textures, batching, etc), did some profiling using chrome tools and Spactor.js, also JS heap as well as GPU memory seems to be ok but game still crashes after a couple o minutes of play. What is more important game is much more stable on Android devcies. Crashing occurs when we use 3d models and changes scenes(game consist of 2d scene and 3d scenes for character fights) which could indicate that 3d models causes problems but have no idea how to profile/debug it. Did anyone encounter similar situations?

Game can be found here (Please use portrait mode in simulator to run game correctly). To trigger fight scenes please klik “kingpin” logo and choost last position from cheat list, then click main(spin) button.

Credentials: test/test

I would be greatful for any help/tip where to find root cause of it

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How do we register to login?
Does this crash in Safari? If so, any clues from remote debugging?

My apologize, credentials are test/test. Yes it crashes in Safari, i cannot get any useful info from debug remote what causes problem

Looking at the debugger on PC, it looks like you are allocating memory every frame? I think you may even have a memory leak?

Seeing the crash first hand, my best is that you are running out of memory somewhere rather than a code crash or assert.

Found a glich on the loading page after logging in it allows u to slide to diff tips but when the next tip is sopposed to slide in there are two one top of each pther

Some allocation could happen during symbols move for coupe first of spins but later all symbols are taken from pool. Also gc clears memory if machine is idle state. Loading page is still not polished as we stuck with this crashing problem.

Hmm… If that’s that case, I would have expected it to even out over time/stay level which I don’t see. It’s always a see saw like graph.

Another possibility is try removing all playback of audio? It seems to crackle during playback so wondering if that could be a potential issue?

hmm, will investigate it. Weird thing is that it happens mosty on iOS device. Android(even with worse hardware spec) is much more stable. Could it happen because implementation of webgl in iOS? maybe it cannot handle so many instructions with 60fps. what do you think?

It could be a WebKit related issue on mobile. There’s also generally less RAM on iOS devices than Android so it might depend on what devices on both OSs you are testing on.

@Gao Any luck with this?

not yet, we are trying to rewrite some parts to be sure that there is no memory leaks. Another thing i would like to check afer that are sounds(how we manage them, etc)