Galaxy Ball - Alpha 0.2.0

Hey Everyone,

Im working on a rolling sky type of game that will be out of this world🤣Heh puns.But seriously heres a quick screenshot of it

I have recently been working on this project,but I started it months ago so Heres a early version of GalaxyBall
Plz Provide feedback​:+1::heavy_check_mark:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t move the ball either with WASD or the arrow keys. A tutorial would really help getting people started.

Uhh Yes you can me and my friend tested it

This is all that happen’s when I hold the up arrow key


Yep thts how its supposed to be at moment Ill be make the ball move auto soon

Oh. For me it felt unresponsive so I assumed there was something wrong.

:man_facepalming:lol no its fine but alot o wanna play my game in a short amount of time