Future of PlayCanvas and tutorials

I am looking for tuts for playcanvas but they are few and far between also on official web they are incomplete
Are There any proper sources to learn play canvas which are actually complete??

And secondly what is future of playcanvas,I can’t see many users so I fear not spending my time into a software which someday just get strip off

PlayCanvas has been around for 7+ years now I think and now owned by Snap Inc so we are in a pretty stable position at the moment.

As PlayCanvas is effectively a paid product (freemium), many of our users aren’t working in public. You can see an idea of who and what people are making with PlayCanvas on our Made with PlayCanvas page here: Made with PlayCanvas | Learn PlayCanvas

Latest showcase:

We’ve had people make apps/games/experiences for BMW, Riot/League of Legends, Coca Cola, Bleach, Lego, Kia, Nissian, Fjällräven and many more that we don’t know about.

You can learn a bit more about these developers on the Developer Spotlights: Developer Spotlight | PlayCanvas

Apart from the official sources from: https://developer.playcanvas.com/ (the crash course is normally what I recommend to people that aren’t new to programming Crash Course - Make a Game | Learn PlayCanvas)

The forum is fantastic as a live, searchable knowledge base with loads of users sharing what they know.

They may be gaps but please do feedback where you think these gaps either on the forums in #suggestions or on the open source repo for the documentation here: GitHub - playcanvas/developer.playcanvas.com: Developer resources website for the PlayCanvas Game Engine


Thanks for feedback!!
This is a good news that PC has future

also the course you mentioned

I completed It all the way up
But in the end it was incomplete like UI and important game mechanics were just missed bcz of shortage of time

The UI stuff is covered generally by User Interface | Learn PlayCanvas

You can also look at the completed project to see how it’s all hooked up and setup too.

There’s also a few tutorials on YT https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=playcanvas+tutorials

Such as: PlayCanvas Infinity Runner Tutorial : Episode 00 - Introduction About the Tutorial - YouTube