Full-character turning

Is there a way to turn the whole character instead of just the camera.

Hi @Gavin_Durbin, you mean like this, so the camera turns the player and not around the player?

You can do so easily using the third person controller, instead of rotating the camera entity in the movement script, you can set it to rotate the model entity and have the camera as a child:

but still in first person perspective?

Then it’s much easier, the following example already does that. The player and the camera rotate together:


really? I was told it was only the camera.

Can you help me with being able to, when turning left,right or the other way around, it will move the whole character, but when looking up,down, or the other way around, it will only move the camera.

@Gavin_Durbin, please don’t duplicate post when you already have one that is active.