Frontend client protection best practices

I think this question has been asked many times but id like to repeat it again to jolt a discussion on best ways to hide code in the frontend so we dont have prying eyes just outright stealing it.

So far i have the following:

  1. Javascript Obfuscation.
    Con - Can be deobfuscated

  2. JS Scramblr
    Con - Can cost too much money for indie devs.

I’ve seen instances on this forums where some people hide their FE code so well i cant find any file at all, and was wondering whether some folks have better idea than the ones above.

An idea:

Would using Iframe somehow be useful? Can’t see any possibility really since the source is always expandable

Honestly, just assume anything on the front end can be stolen/copied etc. If you have any logic/USP/etc, it should go on a server and the front end accesses it via an API/sockets of some sort.

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