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Hey All,

I have been using the Playcanvas engine for 2 years now,
Here are some of my projects I developed or helped in their development,

Elements Balls For Famobi

Super Panda Rush For Food Panda Thailand

You have to login to play, if you cannot, just use this link:

Hole Game Demo (WIP)

If you are looking for a freelancer, you can contact me directly here(DM) or buy my gig at fiverr,

I am the only one listed on fiverr, for playcanvas work.



A fun little truck

Adding Arena golf to portfolio:

My Upwork Profile:

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Hi Saad,

Where are you located? Please email me

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Hi Saad, we are looking for PlayCanvas developers to work on WebAR projects here in Sydney. Happy to use remote freelancers like yourself. Do you have much experience using PlayCanvas for webAR? Please reach out to me directly at


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Hi @Saad_Haider,

I have a project that I’m looking to get a quote for. Please email me at for more info.



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Hi Andre,

Email sent


Hi Saad, my name is Sergio, we are looking for a freelancer to be involved in a game project, can you contact me at Thks

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Hello, i’m looking for a freelancer. contact me at thanks

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