Freelance Game, 3d and concept designer Available for Work

I am a freelance artist over 5 years experience in a wide variety of areas
(Films/commercials/print advertising/architecture/game art).
I have worked in house at some of the major VFX CG and post production studios
In my country as well as being set-up to handle a large scope of remote work.
Please email me if you are interested in hiring me for full time work or remotely.


Character Animation Reel:-

Motion Graphics:-

Rohan Spuke
concept and 3d artist
Skype Name: spukeanimation
Yahoo Messenger: spukeanimation
Twitter: @spukeanimation
Mob. Number: +1 315 670 7853

Hey Rohan! Welcome to the forums.

Your stuff looks great, I actually really like this kind of sci-fi stuff:

Thanks Bud , Looking forward to working with you guys :slight_smile:

Available for New projects

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Available for New projects