Free musician for hire

I’m a musician and coder who wants to learn the ins and outs of the engine. I’ll write music for some instruction.


I wouldn’t mind if you’d like to join our game. We currently use music from a site that provides free music, but you could help and we could help teach you. Our game is called PolyBrawl. It’s concept is combining 2D retro components with 3D realistic components. It is planned to have more levels from the very first ones having mostly 2D environments, to the very last levels having lots of 3D objects. If you’re interested and have discord, give me your username, and I can see if you can help us with the music part of PolyBrawl.

Link To Overview:

Link To Current Build:

Sounds great

Do you use Discord? if so, give me your username so we can discuss further in DMs.

Yes. My discord name is Incontinentia buttocks. The pp should be the album art for Kid A

I need the last 4 digits of the username. For example, every username on Discord has a combination like UserName#1234. If you could give your full username, I can friend request you.

that plus #5802

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