Free Mocap Online (Compatible with PlayCanvas?)

Hi guys. :star_struck:
Came back here after a long time. I’m going to share something cool that I found on the internet. Instant and online face tracking. Compatible with Arkit blendshapes and uses the Mocap4face sdk. I will share the github link in case someone feels able to bring it to playcanvas. It’s something great!
Link to Github page GitHub - facemoji/alter-core: Alter is a cross-platform SDK consisting of a real-time 3D avatar system and motion capture built from scratch for web3 interoperability and the open metaverse.

Had a quick look, it looks like it uses it’s own 3D rendering so its not compatible with PlayCanvas out of the box. As it’s open source, you could try to separate the logic from the rendering so it can work with PlayCanvas or another renderer

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