Free license in school project

Hi Guys,

I am making project for my school as a graduation work. The sooner deadline is the more worries I have.
I didn’t create any public project before and I don’t know all of the licensing rules. And I can’t find an explicit statements in the Internet.
Can I make this project on a free account? It will always be free, I don’t make any profit on it.

And a second question. How about using ‘free for personal use’ licensed models and textures for that kind of work? I don’t know if it falls under ‘personal’ use as it is published in the Internet - even if it is free.
And what with actors faces? They are public persons and i.e. newspapers do not have to have any rights to publish their photos, but what if we talk about game? You know, I don’t want situation that few years after getting my diploma someone call me that I have to give it back as I had no rights to use some content…

Thanks in advance,

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Hi! You can indeed make your project with a free account. If you find open sourced/creative commons artwork (sounds, models, textures), then you can use them in your projects created with a free PlayCanvas account, and you can freely publish your apps online. Hope that helps.

Hi, thanks, this helped a lot! And how about these marked as “free for personal use”? I mean something like this:

Means you cannot use them for making commercial product, but for personal use shall be totally fine.

Thanks, I spoke also with my friend who is a lawyer and he said that in this particular case I cannot - in “usual” school project it would be ok, but this is graduation project which will give me engineer title. It may be considered as commercial activity, because “title improves my attractivity to potential employer and gives new possibilities”. Engineer -> Better offers -> Better salary -> Commercial… I know, that is sick but that’s how it works in Poland if we talk about high schools :frowning:
I actually started converting game to containing only commercial or public domain license models and textures.