Free account and not an organization?

My company created an organization, and then I created an account and they added me to their organization. However, it still shows me as a free member, and not the paid organization member, and i am unable to fork our project because it says that is a paid feature and free accounts cannot perform that action. what did we do wrong and how do we correct it?

Chris Hockenberry

Hi @chockenberry, when you fork a project, you will need to make sure that the owner is set to the ORG.

I can’t even get that far. Again, my account is a free account, but i am an admin on an organization, and that org pays $50.00 a month for me to have full access to the project. When I click fork it immediately says free users cannot fork private projects. Either a) it should check to see if i am a member of the organization that owns that project and let me or, even better, b) the system should detect that I am a member of an organization and change my account type from free to organizational member or paid at the very least.

Can you DM me a video on what you are seeing please as you try to fork a project and if need be, we can arrange a call to get this sorted

I think it’s because you’re not an Admin of your Organization. So either you would either:

  1. Get an Admin to fork the project and add you to the team of the fork.
  2. Get one of the Admins (or the Org Owner) to also make you an Admin.

but i am an admin :frowning:

This is what i see - if you look to the right you can see i am an admin on the project, all I did was click fork.

I see the issue now.

You are a free user and occupying a seat in the ORG.

Although you are an admin on the project, you cannot fork the project because its private and requires the forked project to be private too.

As you are a free user, you cannot fork to your own personal account as free users can’t have private projects.

As you are not an admin or owner of the organisation, you cannot create a new project under the ownership of the ORG account either.

Being an admin of the project only lets you add/remove people from the project and make changes to projects settings.

To resolve this, you can either ask the ORG owner to make you an admin of the ORG (so you can have permissions to create new projects under the ORG) or get an admin of the ORG to fork the project for you.